When Giacomo came to me and described his personal project, I couldn’t resist but help him.
He want to create a website to save world’s dialects. In fact, he already had one but it definitely needed a revamp.

This project happened around the time I was starting with the magnificent AngularJS. Giacomo is really pleased by the graphical and interaction results. He is currently working to produce the content and organize the launch of Langkeeping.


  • Technologies: ZURB Foundation, AngularJS
  • Role: Web designer, developer and consultant

I myself cannot believe this. After more than fifteen years of lurking around in the Internet, I finally have my own website.

To be honest, I’m not sure how much this “personal site” thing is going to catch me. To be even more hones, I has few websites about Pokemons or Dragonball back in the Geocities times… but that’s another story.

I plan to publish on this blog of mine few things like my past projects and all the juicy news that I found around. I’ll especially try to focus on software stuff that I found fascinating and inspiring.

All this, of course, if I’ll ever find more time to do it.