Few days ago I was prototyping some jQuery for a website and I decided to make a plugin out of it. To add some more fun to the experience, I wanted to do it with the newly discovered CoffeeScript.

A quick search shows how to implement a basic jQuery plugin in coffeescript. What I wanted though, was more like a reusable pattern like the one described as “perfect jQuery plugin” by Jupiter24. (more…)

I was quite happy on receiving some comments on my blog. I soon realized it was all spam though!

Just a quick tip if, for some reason, you’re trying to make Akismet for WordPress working on Tophost (an italian hosting provider).

If your Akismet configuration tells you that it cannot reach the servers, go to your website Tophost cpannel, open up the PHP configuration screen and set “allow url fopen” to On.

It can happen that changing this or other settings has no effect. In that case, in the same screen, switch to PHP4 and than back to PHP5; than re-apply the “allow url fopen” setting.

Do you know when modern computing started? You may have an idea. Mine was around the 80s. It was a romantic view; I born around those years and it was nice to think that computing was my age. I was wrong.

Modern computing never started. To be more precise, it had a false start around the 60s and proceeded to slowly froze away until apparent stagnation. Here is a story about few slices of those early computing times that amazed me.  (more…)